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Streamline processes, pair inventory to approvals in under 5 seconds, and maximize your profits.

Conquer negative equity, simplify subprime.

Access thousands of AITHR HUB vehicles to match to your approvals without spending a single dollar upfront.

Access 8900+ inspected AITHR HUB vehicles

Never let a file go stale on your desk because you can't find a car to pair. Every day, we're adding vehicles that are inspected and ready to ship.

Guaranteed bank acceptance on your FIRST submission

No more human errors. No more second (third and fourth) submissions. Save time and maximize your profits.

We maximize your Loan-to-Value every time

With the click of a button, AITHRX's proprietary algorithm moves numbers to meet a lender's loan criteria - always optimizing LTV.

// Automated Inventory Pairing // THOUSANDS OF INSPECTED VEHICLES

No Inventory? No Problem.

Even if you have 100 vehicles on your floor plan, they may not work for every deal.
AITHR HUB vehicles are fully inspected and ready to meet their conditional approvals. Access 8800+ vehicles and counting from The Atlantic provinces, west all the way to BC. It’s completely risk-free because you don’t pay a cent until your deal is funded and finalized.

Subprime Sales Process Without AITHRX...

Manually crawl through your available inventory to find a potential candidate for calculating lender criteria, with eligible year, kms, and CarFax

Manually calculate the effect of a trade in on the result of your deal submission

Manually calculate any carried over negative equity from previous debt or trade-in

Manually adjust the deal options, including warranty, gap coverage, and any necessary add-ons to maximize the TLTV

Submit the single calculated deal to the lender for a potential approval, and wait for feedback.

Often, the first (or more) deals will be rejected by the lender, due to overages in pay calls, or incorrect unit criteria including outdated CBB evaluations, CarFax Issues, or wrong calculations.

Each rejected submission means going back to square one, and trying again to pair a possible match.

A sigh of relief once the lender finally accepts your vehicle submission. But now, the harder part…

Attempt to get the client back in the store, with the promise that you’ve found them a vehicle that works.

Show the vehicle to the client, and hope they like it enough to accept the terms of agreement.

Often vehicles that match, aren’t what the client initially bargained for. In these cases, you must charm them into accepting the vehicle. Often with the promise of finding them. abetter vehicle at a lower interest rate after 8 – 12 months.

The client has signed the agreement, but often feels uncomfortable with the final resolution of their deal.

Est Time: 1 - 3 DAYS

The New Process With AITHRX At Your Side

AITHRX will automatically scan 208,000 potential matches in 4.2 seconds.Starting with your on-location store invcentory, then your dealer group if applicable, and finally the AITHR AUTOS private marketplace to find every accessible unit that fits that specific loan criteria.

The client can now be given the luxury of choice, so they can feel satisfied with the vehicle they leave with.

Lender approvals are automatically calculated, so only vehicles that fit the existing criteria will be displayed.

This way, you know that every time you submit a lender approval, you’ll get a green light on your deal the first time.

AITHRX automatically maximized your TLTV, and allows you to sort matching vehicles by highest profitable units for your store.

More choice, and seamless processes makes for happy clients that will return for the positive experience.

Est Time: 9 - 14 Minutes

Pairing Inventory The old way...

Manually search inventory for a potential match

Calculate trade-in 

Calculate negative equity

Calculate FLTV & BLTV for profitability

Time cost: 1 to 3 days



Time cost: 4.08 seconds

Getting An Approval The old way...

Submit vehicle to lender for approval

Get rejected – request new vehicle or adjustments

Repeat above (often multiple times)

FINALLY get approval from lender

Time cost: 1 to 2 days


Signing A Deal The old way...

Try to book a meeting with the client – hope they show up.

Show client acceptable vehicle & test drive.

Convince the client this vehicle is the only option.

Sign agreement and hope they were happy enough to come back after 8 months to re-finance.

Time cost: 1 to 3 days



Every deal built with AITHRX saves time so you can make more money

Vehicles Scanned Every 4.07 Seconds
Average vehicles paired per search
Profit maximization on every deal

AITHRX integrates with your existing DMS and key industry partners

Our software integrates and pulls your used car inventory feed directly from your VAuto Dealer Management Software system.
Our software integrates and pulls your used car inventory feed directly from your CDK Global Dealer Management Software system.
Reynolds & Reynolds
Reynolds & Reynolds
Our software integrates and pulls your used car inventory feed directly from your Reynolds and Reynolds Dealer Management Software system.
PBS Systems
PBS Systems
Our software integrates and pulls your used car inventory feed directly from your PBS Systems Dealer Management Software.
Canadian Black Book
Canadian Black Book
Our software has Canadian Black Book integration ensuring every deal you submit has accurate numbers and ensures you a green light approval the first time.
Our software has Carfax integration, ensuring every vehicle in the inventory has a Carfax report or the ability to pull one instantly.

// You can become a subprime rockstar and access thousands of more vehicles now!

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