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AITHRX Features... You really have to see these!

Bring a prime experience to
subprime with AITHR

Canadian Black Book values updated on up to 204,824 vehicles in 4.2 seconds. In the time it takes you to CBB a specific unit, we complete your entire inventory.


Loan-to-Value pre-calculated on your inventory, based on your non prime lender’s guidelines. 

Our system automatically updates with the lenders. Never manually calculate each vehicle again.


The more vehicles we have to potentially pair to lender criteria, the higher percentage for a completed deal on the very first visit. 


AITHRX always scans for eligible vehicles at your dealership first, then your group! And then our very own AITHR inventory pool.


Get access to 11,000+ vehicles without having to pay a cent upfront.

Pair the vehicle, paper your client, THEN purchase the vehicle. Save your floor plan interest.

Compare multiple lender approvals at once and select the best option. Remember, a lower rate may not be the best option each time. Let AITHRX help you decide which route is best.


Share the top three options with your client without showing your gross profit. Customer service begins with choice. Eliminating barriers early by providing options makes for a smoother sale.


Negative equity is buried within the Loan-to-Value. Results are shown and served to you on a silver platter from highest to lowest profit. Only five fields to enter: pay call, interest rate, trade allowance, lien, and down payment. That’s it!


Once you select your vehicle, AITHRX intuitively uses the Loan-to-Value and maximizes the front and back-end to the payment. No money is left on the table. 


Warranty, gap, job loss, and other intangible products intuitively priced and programmed into AITHRX to help fill your BLTV and paycall. Your only focus is explaining the benefits to the client – not figuring out how much to put in each one. 


As you roll your payments trying to fit your clients budget, our system automatically keeps a live total remaining for you to use as you build your deal. No manual calculation needed. 


Add costs, change CBB value or update list price all in one screen. Customize your deal in seconds WHILE your client is in front of you.


With varying approval criteria across your different lenders, AITHRX will pinpoint which lender is best suited for the selected unit.


Sometimes your approvals are just a hair’s reach away from fitting submitted customer criteria. AITHRX will help you find those units with suggested rate stretches and point reductions.


// You can become a subprime rockstar

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Every deal built with AITHRX saves time so you can make more money

Vehicles Scanned Every 4.07 Seconds
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